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Manufacturers’ websites, ecommerce-enabled or not, are the critical destination for shopper product research and discovery, garnering triple the traffic of first-stop searches of retailers. Based on extensive data from sources like Google, an established brand’s website typically gets as much traffic for product research as all of its retailer and distribution partner sites combined. So don’t let your channel control how your products are positioned. You owe it to your shoppers to deliver the very best product discovery experience on your own website, where you aren’t competing against other brands.

Battle-Tested Platform; Used By World’s Most Demanding Manufacturers

Improve Your Shoppers’ Ability to Discover The ‘Right’ Product

Adding Sidekick Web™ and Sidekick Mobile™ to your website provides your shoppers with a usage-based product discovery experience across every category. Shoppers choose a category or subcategory, and indicate their preferences about how they intend to use the product by selecting filters stated in natural language that anyone can answer. Checked filters promptly narrow down your assortment to the products best suited, enable shoppers to compare products against each other, drill down to the details if desired, and, if ready to buy, proceed to your ‘add to cart’ button.

Increase Sales Conversion & Reduce Returns

Sidekick Web & Mobile have proven to significantly increase shoppers’ confidence about the purchase they are about to make, generating substantial increases in sales conversion. Importantly, Sidekick also reduces product returns and improves customer satisfaction, because an educated shopper (i.e., a shopper who’s had a chance to discover and select the most relevant product based on her needs) is more apt to buy the ‘right’ product.

Ensure A Cohesive Online & Mobile Experience

Highly intuitive, Sidekick is optimized to enable shoppers to enjoy a rapid, relevant, and engaging product discovery experience on all desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Sidekick significantly increases the likelihood that shoppers who research your products on your website will either buy them from you directly…or look for the product they found on your site at one of your channel retailers.


Leverage Fast Deployment & Full Reporting

Better product discovery across any category, implemented in four weeks, less than 14 hours of manufacturer effort, and full reporting, result in increased customer commitment to buy your product.

Manufacturer Benefits

Checkmark Converts more first-stop shopper research traffic to your site
Checkmark Preferred by 75% of web shoppers
Checkmark Preferred by 95% of mobile shoppers
Checkmark Improves likelihood of product relevance based on shopper’s individual preferences
Checkmark Improves shoppers’ confidence about the products they buy
Checkmark Increases sales conversion
Checkmark Increases average order value (AOV)
Checkmark Reduces product returns
Checkmark Implemented in four weeks, with low manufacturer LOE


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