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Web Application Engineer

OMNI Retail Group
OMNI Retail Group’s Sidekick Contextual Selling Platform® and Behavioral Analytics solve the product identification problem for shoppers who are not experts about what they are searching for. Curated product data and contextual models power a consistent, engaging, and coherent shopping experience across desktops, laptops, kiosks or any mobile device. Our growing customer list includes Staples, Lego, Costco, Toys-R-Us, HP.

Platform, Technology and Challenges
Our SaaS platform includes semantically mapped product libraries, server-side discovery engines running on Node.js, JavaScript clients, and a click stream processing infrastructure. All but the clients run on AWS. Technical challenges include: “taxonomy algebra”, entity identification, adaptive schemas, data harvesting (image analysis and processing semi-structured and unstructured data with Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools, classifiers, and (probably) other AI techniques for structure discovery. UX design is informed by Behavioral Economics and Social Psychology, and thoroughly tested with human shoppers.

Job Responsibilities
• Build/configure, maintain and operate: click stream data pipeline, responsive clients, discovery engines, data harvesters and the associated AWS hosting infrastructure
• Create instrumentation and tooling to deliver our SaaS in compliance with SLAs
• Design and refactor as necessary to maintain clean architectures and high code quality as features evolve

Skills You Will Use
• Mastery of HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Client Side development
• Competence with client-side frameworks (React preferred, AngularJS useful)
• Good understanding of jQuery (Require.js useful)
• Non-classical statistics (Bayesian, Nonparametric, Dempster Shafer Theory)
• Setting up and running NLP and AI libraries (in Python or R)
• Working with Node.js and Postgres 9.3+ (noSQL databases a big plus) on AWS
• Experience building configurable platforms and designing self-service APIs
• Infrastructure scripting, containers, and automated deployment
• Collaborative development, git and unit testing; DevOps experience a real plus

Meta Data
• Location: Seattle, WA
• What We Offer
    o An ambitious start-up environment with a vision and strategy to create something BIG
    o A competitive compensation package
        • Medical, dental, and vision benefits covered 100%
        • Stock Option Plan
    o Flexible hours and vacation policy

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